Foodie Pen Pal! Sixth/Seventh Months – October/November 2012

First and foremost, I am sorry for my delinquency in my posting. Between a hurricane and a NorEastern that caused to losing power, the loss of my beloved computer (and purchase of a new beloved computer), and the performance in a Light Opera, I have unfortunately fell behind. However, that just means I need to make up for it with some awesome new posts… Starting with FOODIE PENPALS!!!

This is part of a program called Foodie Pen Pals in which every month I get/send a basket from/to another foodie from around the country. Then on the last day of the month, everyone reveals who their pen pal was, what they received, and get to see what everyone else got :-)

In October I received a fabulous package from Brandy Gamez. Brandy sent me a fabulous package filled with many things I never would have bought or tried for myself. This is one of the great things about this program. We all have different tastes and get to share those tastes with complete strangers, introducing them to foods they never would have eaten otherwise. First of the wonderful note.


Then… the food! Brandy sent me some amazing rice thins.  A great healthier cracker that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Some Ranch Pretzels which provided me with the perfect at work snack. An olive tapenade that is being saved for a special occasion with friends. Some smoked oysters, and you all know how I love everything smoked. A wonderful package of gelatin (I will wait till the post to show you what marvelous plans I have for this amazing ingredient. And then, the ingredient I never knew I would like… SEAWEED CRACKERS! This healthy snack substitute is flavorful and enjoyable. I may be looking for these in a store near me once I finish the ones I got.

20121122010536Thank you so much Brandy! I loved my package and hope you got a great one too. Check out what I sent to Maeve Bartik of Adventure with Maeve.

Now, onto November (at least I am only a day late with this one). In November I got a wonderfully seasonal package from a Meg Mullaney of In the Kitchen and On the Run. Be sure to follow her on twitter @kissthecook_meg. I got some fantabulous Thanksgiving treats just in time for the holiday. First her pretty in pink letter to me 🙂


And of course, the food!  Some wonderful breakfasts in the form of pumpkin bars! Yummy! Then a cranberry apple butter which I have been delightfully spreading on my toast. An amazing box of cranberry pistachio biscotti. Now I must admit something, my Mother makes the greatest biscotti in the world. Nothing I have ever tasted is as good. That being said, this was still delicious and finished off by myself rather hastily.  The extend bar and coffee are being saved for a desperate all nighter when I need to prepare for a trial, or a holiday party, or something of the sort. Then finally some baked Jalapeno Cheese Crunchies (these may have been from Brandy talked about above, the boxes got mixed up at one point, but I think I got it together right). These are like high quality spicy cheetos. Which makes them the perfect late night TV watching snack.


Thank you so much Meg for the amazing holiday package. Hopefully you got some fantastic stuff as well.

Well, thus ends my sixth and seventh Foodie Pen Pal experiences, and again it was an extremely positive one. I can not wait till December’s list is revealed and I get to do it all over again, month after month. If you want to take part in this program check it out:

The Lean Green Bean

Be sure to stay tuned for the big reveal on the last day of each month :-) Until next time, this is Jason “MaurPowerFoodie” signing off… Thanks for reading.

About MaurPowerFoodie

Born in raised in small town Monroe,CT and raised by a mother that believed everyone should be able to cook, food became a huge part of my life. I have since become an attorney, spend free time acting and doing stand-up comedy, but my passion is the art of cooking. Yes, cooking is an art. A way to express myself on a plate (or in a bowl, or whatever other canvas I use). My cooking style? Good ol' fashioned comfort food with a twist... Especially gourmet burgers and BBQ. I hope you enjoy joining me as I review food experiences I have wherever I go, share my own recipes, and quite simply spread the love and passion I have for the art that is cooking as I pursue my culinary journey. View all posts by MaurPowerFoodie

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